NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra Zodiac and Big Bang Orchestra Bundle

NEW RELEASE: VSL Big Bang Orchestra Zodiac and Big Bang Orchestra Bundle

VSL release Big Bang Orchestra - Zodiac and The Big Bang Orchestra Bundle!

Big Bang Orchestra Zodiac - Supermassive Ensembles marks the daring finale of Vienna’s monumental Big Bang Orchestra. With 112 string players alone, the massive sound of its oversized ensembles makes for a bold statement that elevates and enriches your arrangements with epic breadth and power.

The Big Bang Orchestra Bundle comprises the entire universe of the Big Bang Orchestra editions, from Andromeda to Zodiac.

From powerful tutti recordings to ethereal effects, from blasting brass sections to fragile woodwinds, from thunderous drums to angelic choirs – the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle provides you with an infinite treasure of orchestral sounds that lets your productions be as bold, nuanced, and sophisticated as you need, with little time and effort.

Save up to 25% on Zodiac and The Big Bang Orchestra Bundle until 31st December 2020!


What is the Big Bang Orchestra series?

VSL's Big Bang Orchestra series is an excellent entry into the world of Vienna Symphonic Library instruments. Create large orchestrations in no time. Beef up your existing tracks by adding some massive tutti layers. Inject some inspiration into your composing process just by pressing a few notes and letting the huge sound work its magic.