NEW RELEASE: VSL Bosendorfer 280VC virtual instrument

NEW RELEASE: VSL Bosendorfer 280VC virtual instrument

Vienna Symphonic Orchestra release the critically acclaimed Bosendorfer 280VC Piano! Offering a huge dynamic range is what makes this concert grand very versatile. 

Bösendorfer’s new and acclaimed “Vienna Concert” grand piano merges the company’s venerated traditional approach to piano manufacturing with the most recent, sophisticated engineering. The 280VC is completely modern, reimagined from scratch, while remaining true to Bösendorfer’s legendary foundations.

Heralded as the next-generation concert grand, the 280VC has already proven to be a true all-rounder. Compared to the Bösendorfer Imperial with its additional bass strings, wider soundboard and more orchestral sonic character, the sound of the 280VC is very distinct and clear. 

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