NEW RELEASE: VSL MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna

NEW RELEASE: VSL MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna

Vienna Symphonic Library has released a brand new expansion. Meet MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna your new go-to reverb extension!

VSL MIRx is a convolution reverb extension for Vienna’s proprietary sample players Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro, based on their revolutionary MIR (Multi Impulse Response) technology. It is a convenient and affordable way to integrate the exceptional acoustics of Synchron Stage Vienna’s large Stage A directly into these sample players.

The MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna reverb expansion allows users to seamlessly mix their Vienna Instruments Collections with exactly the same ambience found in the landmark Synchron Series Collections, bringing all of Vienna’s award-winning instruments together under one roof.

Available now with an introductory discount until 1st March 2021!