NEW RELEASE - VSL Single Woodwinds Packs and Bundle

NEW RELEASE - VSL Single Woodwinds Packs and Bundle

VSL are going strong, releasing SYNCHRON-ized versions of the ever popular VI Woodwind series of instruments

The Vienna Instruments are the most powerful virtual instruments on the market and integrate intelligent Performance Algorithms with their easy-to-use VST/AU plug-in instruments to orchestrate an inconceivably vast array of samples. Composers, arrangers and music producers can reproduce every nuance soloists or ensembles are capable of playing with very authentic results.

The algorithms and capabilities of the Synchron Player, paired with a re-mapped and optimized sample library, allow for a host of usability improvements. The meticulously balanced volume levels of the entire sample database guarantee seamless note transitions when moving from one playing technique to the next. Velocity crossfading has been further optimized for extra-smooth volume changes.

New products in the range are:

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