NEW RELEASE - VSL SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Package

NEW RELEASE - VSL SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Package

VSL are adding yet another outstanding selection of instruments to the SYNCHRON-ized format!

VSL SYNCHRON-ized Historic Wind Package is an unconventional approach to wind instruments. Do you want to explore authentic instruments that were used 300 to 500 years ago? This treasure trove of carefully preserved and irreplaceable instruments offers a broad range of ancient woodwind and brass sounds.

This bundle includes:

  • SYNCHRON-ized Recorders
  • SYNCHRON-ized Traverso Flute
  • SYNCHRON-ized Baroque Oboe
  • SYNCHRON-ized Oboe da Caccia
  • SYNCHRON-ized Ophicleide
  • SYNCHRON-ized Serpent
  • SYNCHRON-ized Cornett
  • SYNCHRON-ized Crumhorns
  • SYNCHRON-ized Natural Trumpets
  • SYNCHRON-ized Natural Horns

All SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Packs contain performances that were originally recorded for the VI Collections Historic Winds I – III and VI Recorders that were re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.