NEW RELEASE: VSL Vienna Synchron Elite Strings

NEW RELEASE: VSL Vienna Synchron Elite Strings

Vienna Symphonic Library has released the next virtual instrument to be recorded at the renowned Synchron Stage in Vienna. Meet Synchron Elite Strings

With smaller-sized string ensembles, it’s crucial that every musician be a superb performer, and is also capable of contributing to a homogenous group of players. For VSL Vienna Synchron Elite Strings, the Vienna team hand-picked the best string players and the concertmaster of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, who themselves are among the best in Vienna, a city famous for its superior string players and they're fine instruments. 

Are you new to Synchron Strings? If yes you will want to start with Synchron Elite Strings! If you're looking for even more detail and velocity layers (up to nine) then Synchron Strings I is perfect for you.

Now with an introductory 27% off until the 3rd May!