NEW RELEASE: Zero-G Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals

NEW RELEASE: Zero-G Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals

Introducing Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals the next chapter of the Ethera Gold series, from the producer and vocalist of Zero-G's Ethera Gold 2.5 for Kontakt!

Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals includes two amazing new Vocal True Legatos that offer a distinctive and different vocal timbre from the one included in Ethera Gold 2.5 and is an ideal addition to that library.

Intimate Vocals is not an add-on or expansion for Ethera Gold 2.5, it is a separate, unique stand-alone product!

Clara Sorace has sung with many of the greatest soundtrack and video games composers and trailer music creators. Her voice is a thrilling blend of soul, cinematic, epic and emotionality and now you can capture this awe inspiring voice in your own productions!

Save 20% off until 10am 2nd January 2021!

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