NEW RELEASE: Zero-G Fraktale Fragmente

NEW RELEASE: Zero-G Fraktale Fragmente

Zero-G Fraktale Fragmente is an exquisite, experimental multi-format sound library from the Hamburg-based electronic project neueheimat.

Neueheimat is the brain-child of Dennis Grell and Philipp Staudinger - two producers and sound designers, whose idea was to create an unconventional library of sound tools.

You can expect an elegant and easy to use Kontakt interface that will help you create entirely new sounds from the existing samples. Not only are there 6 individual filters, ADSR and LFO there is also easy access to a whole array of effects that will help you sculpt and shape your sounds to perfection.

Who is it for?

The sounds from this Sample Library will suit an array of genres from TV drama and crime series, to scenes of horror, as well as combat and adventure. Don’t miss out on the best content and take your sound-for-picture capacity to the next level!

Intro discount ends 1st May 2020 save 25%.


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