NEW RELEASE! Zero-G Impromptu Electric Guitars

NEW RELEASE! Zero-G Impromptu Electric Guitars

Create beautiful evolving complex soundscapes with new Zero-G Impromptu Electric Guitars for Kontakt!

Developed by the same producer behind Zero-G's popular Impromptu Textural Percussions, new Impromptu Electric Guitars is an incredible tool for creating outstanding and emotive cinematic guitars.

Featuring three exceptional guitars with performances which were recorded in three different intensity layers as well as sampled using fingers, a wooden pick and a hard plastic pick, this Kontakt instrument offers versatility and sounds utterly enchanting.

The centrepiece of IEG is the Impromptu Engine; a system that utilises loops of improvised, un-synced snippets combined with a granular synthesizer.

You'll also find a Pads folder, Baritone extras and additional instruments. 

"The idea for Impromptu Electric Guitars came from a love for ever-evolving cinematic music," says IEG producer Alessandro Mastroianni. "I wanted an instrument that would allow me to press a key or, even better, a chord and instantly generate guitar-based soundscapes that flow with unique organic movement… so I made one!
We recorded three beautiful instruments and I’ve lost count of the amount of unique pedals we ran them through: making this library was a lot of fun and an act of pure sonic experimentation!"

Check out Alessandro's walkthrough video on the product page to see this captivating tool at work!

Plus, as part of the Zero-G Summer Sale, you'll be eligible to get a SoundSense title or Ethera Gold 2.5 Lite for free when you add it to your cart too! (Min spend £$€20 required).