NEW RELEASES - VSL adds 4 new Brass collections to Big Bang Orchestra series

NEW RELEASES - VSL adds 4 new Brass collections to Big Bang Orchestra series

VSL's Big Bang Orchestra series is an excellent entry route into the world of Vienna Symphonic Library instruments. Create large orchestrations in no time. Beef up your existing tracks by adding some massive tutti layers. Inject some inspiration into your composing process just by pressing a few notes and letting the huge sound work its magic.

This week, VSL has added four new additions to the series capturing the essence of the raw brass sound in their high-speed orchestration tools...

Big Bang Orchestra: Hercules

This ensemble of four bass trombones, one bass tuba, and one contrabass tuba delivers the low-end brass sound that has Hollywood clients return to Vienna for their next scoring sessions. Beef up your orchestra with extra fortississimo layers for an extremely brassy and striking low end!

Big Bang Orchestra: Izar

Add some dramatic dissonance to your low end! Clusters have become a fixture in modern film scores, and this module packs various articulations and dynamic layers of semi-tone clusters performed by VSL's Synchron Stage low brass ensemble into one breathtaking library.

Big Bang Orchestra: Jupiter

Add some instant glory to your orchestrations, harnessing the majestic power of six double French horns. This library offers a full-fledged set of articulations such as real legatos, glissandos, swells, rips, flutter tonguing, trills and more with up to five velocity layers, from mysterious pianissimos to heroic fortissimos.

Big Bang Orchestra: Kopernikus

This ensemble of four Bb trumpets delivers stunning performances from velvety pianissimos to the brightest fortissimos. This library makes it so simple to dial in the thrilling timbre of a trumpet ensemble you’re used to hearing in countless contemporary film scores for an out-of-the-box glorious sound.

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