NEW RELEASES: VSL Big Bang Orchestra Lyra & Musca

NEW RELEASES: VSL Big Bang Orchestra Lyra & Musca

VSL add 2 new string libraries, Lyra and Musca, to their specialised Big Bang Orchestra series.

The Big Bang Orchestra series was created to provide big and bold orchestral sections allowing you to write tutti orchestral music quick and stress-free. All libraries are recorded at the prestigious Synchron Stage in Vienna; so far we have seen brass, percussion and choirs, and now they have welcomed Lyra and Musca to the series - both dedicated entirely to string ensembles.

Lyra offers beautiful performances of three string sections. With 14 first violins and 12 second violins playing in unison, and 8 violas playing an octave below, these captivating performances are perfect for those soaring melodies and prominent themes.

Musca follows up by offering six cellos and four basses playing together in octaves which creates a homogenous, well-balanced sound, as the musicians adjust their intonation, tone color, phrasing and vibrato instantly and instinctively with each other. It’s this exceptional coherency that makes these string performances so special and guarantees a beautiful, balanced timbre.

Both libraries offers a large palette of articulations that include variations of short notes, long notes with two vibrato intensities, legatos, espressivo, sfz, sffz, crescendos and diminuendos, tremolos, fast repetitions, half tone and whole tone trills, half tone and whole tone slides up and down (glissandos), and pizzicatos. As with all libraries powered by the Synchron Player, the tempo of all articulations, e.g., repetitions and glissandos, can be easily adjusted using the integrated time stretch feature. 

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