NEW RELEASES: VSL release 4 New Dimension Strings Instruments

NEW RELEASES: VSL release 4 New Dimension Strings Instruments

The new SYNCHRON-ized counterparts to the original Vienna Dimension Strings offer optimised and more samples, eg. an advanced release sample technology for fp, sfz, sffz and legato repetitions as well as improved legatos and portamentos. These and other improvements are not only available with the SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings libraries, but are also available as free Library Updates for the original VI versions.

One major advantage of the SYNCHRON-ized version is that you can play and switch between any number of musicians of the ensembles (e.g., up to eight for the violins) in one instance. You can automate the Synchron Player’s mixer and therefore the volume of each player separately. Every player has their own Synchron Stage Impulse Response for placement and reverberation, so you can really set up each Dimension Strings ensemble easily in one instance of the Synchron Player.

Meet the new arrivals:

Vienna Dimension Strings III - Offering all new sul tasto articulations, the softest playing techniques ever!

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings I - String Ensembles with Human Performance Control

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings II - "con sordino" - Muted String Ensembles

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings III - "sul tasto" - The Softest Strings You've Ever Heard!

Throughout April its all about strings. In addition to major discounts on all Synchron and VI String libraries, Vienna Symphonic Library introduces new Dimension Strings products at introductory prices! 

Starting May 1, SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings I, II and III will be part of the Synchron Package.

Starting May 1, Vienna Dimension Strings III will be part of these bundles: Dimension Strings Bundle, Strings Complete, VI Super Package.