NEW! Rob Papen DelSane: A Creative Delay FX Plugin

NEW! Rob Papen DelSane: A Creative Delay FX Plugin

Rob Papen DelSane Delay FX plugin has two sides, the Good... and the Evil...

The Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of effects plugins, DelSane brings lovely sounding stereo tape delay effects to your productions with one hand, and insane sounding creative potential with the other.

Distinct features include the ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’ which can be connected to the various Delay parameters and will control them dynamically together. The Sphere Slider can also ‘spring’ back to the centre based on the tempo of the song allowing for a wide variety of tempo-based effects. 

Hit ‘Lazy Mode’ and the movement of the Sphere-Slider can be automated in different directions, allowing you to also create Flanger, Chorus or new types of modulation sounds.

Meanwhile, the ‘Audio Follower’ can be used to influence various Delay parameters including the ‘Sphere-Slider Disrupt’ meaning DelSane can react dynamically to your music and open up many more creative possibilities.

DelSane is another great addition to the line of Rob Papen effects plugins, following the same ethos of simple-to-use design and unique creative features for sound with a distinctive edge.

Check out the video below!

Explore The Creative Potential Of Rob Papen's DelSane Delay FX