NEW SCULPTOR Epic Risers from Gothic Instruments

NEW SCULPTOR Epic Risers from Gothic Instruments

There´s nothing like a riser for inducing an instant kick of adrenaline in your audience. Whether it be as an audible warning of impending danger in a movie or a build up to a huge drop in a drum and bass track, risers create drama, excitement, anticipation and energy and, thanks to Gothic Instruments, it has never been easier to create your own rise FX.

From the most subtle of sweeps to huge powerful crescendos, SCULPTOR Epic Risers makes it incredibly simple to produce the sound you need - simply press a couple of keys for instant epic results or dive deeper into the GUI to sculpt and experiment with infinite combinations.

Of the new release, Gothic Instruments founder Dan Graham says "With world-class sounds, endless tweakability and perfect beat-sync to your projects, SCULPTOR Epic Risers adds epic power and instant excitement to any build across all genres - rock, pop, dance, hip-hop, film music and trailer music."

SCULPTOR Epic Risers is the third instalment in the SCULPTOR series, following the hugely successful SCULPTOR Live Impacts and SCULPTOR: Massive Whooshes. If you already own a SCULPTOR title or the Gothic Instruments Complete Bundle, you could save 20% on Epic Risers with the Gothic Instruments loyalty discount - see the product page for more info of you haven't already received your code.

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