NEW! Sound Dust Cloud Viola 2

NEW! Sound Dust Cloud Viola 2

When it comes to inventiveness in a Kontakt sample library, you can´t beat Pendle Poucher aka Sound Dust and this latest release is no exception...

In the words of Pendle, Cloud Viola 2 "is a deeply multisampled hybrid Kontakt instrument that takes a humble 17th-century classical stringed instrument and lovingly shoves it into the modern world."

Combining garden string as a bow, a retractable dog lead and a viola, this collection uses unlikely playing techniques and sampling magic to create new tones and textures.

From cinematic pads to strange leads, this is perfect as a standalone signature instrument or for adding interesting texture to a ´proper´ orchestra. Using midi controllers and DAW automation the instrument can be played with organic expressiveness and genuine emotion.

Compared to the previous version, Cloud Viola² adds a deeply multi-sampled plucked palm muted articulation, 6 new effected ´clouds´ and 3-grain oscillators with snazzy XY pad control.

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Cloud Viola 2 is also included in the Sound Dust Cloud Bundle with Cloud Cello and Cloud Bass. Click here for details