New Strezov Sampling Rhodope 2 Ethnic Bulgarian Choir

New Strezov Sampling Rhodope 2 Ethnic Bulgarian Choir

Powerfully emotive, new Strezov Sampling RHODOPE 2 gives you a real authentic ethnic Bulgarian choir at your fingertips with the highest playability and expression without any compromises in sound.

Including the revolutionary Syllabuilder Engine (first introduced with WOTAN), True Polyphonic Legato as well as the brand new Agile Legato, which allows you to play polyphonic legato with every syllable inside the library, RHODOPE 2 is one of the most realistic sounding choir libraries ever made.


  • Recorded “tutti” for a bigger sound
  •  Polyphonic True Legato “Ah” and “Eh” patches
  •  Agile Legato for 10 syllables in three different speeds
  •  Special layer of ´shake´ sustain singing for all patches
  •  Cluster and FX patches
  •  Additional content for whispers and shouts
  •  Sustain (1xRR) and Staccato (2xRR) samples
  •  3 mic positions - Close, Decca, Hall + custom convolution reverb
  •  The powerful Syllabuilder engine 3.0 with CONNECT and MORPH modes that allow you to create your own sample content within Kontakt
  •  Ability to Load and Save your lyrics, built-in preset manager
  •  Fully compatible with Wotan, Freyja and Árva for the ultimate choral experience

Rhodope 2 is developed for the full version of Kontakt (not the free Player).

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