NEW! Toontrack Modern Funk MIDI Packs for Drums, EZkeys & EZbass

NEW! Toontrack Modern Funk MIDI Packs for Drums, EZkeys & EZbass

Toontrack's latest set of releases are sure to have you playing fat, funky grooves in no time!

This week Toontrack is all about exploring the modern funk aesthetic, with MIDI packs for Drums, EZkeys and EZbass.

With the latest funk revival comes a whole host of incredible artists taking the core components of funk and adding new flavours to truly bring the genre into the modern age.




Let's Take A Closer Look... 


Modern Funk EZbass MIDI Pack
Funk is the ultimate playground for bass. Anything goes, from slapping and popping to double and triple stops, tapping to sliding, if it's creative then you can do it! The only requirement? To be deep in the pocket with the drummer, locked in on that groove that carries the tune. This MIDI pack has is all in spades!
Modern Funk Drum MIDI
Speaking of drums, the Modern Funk Grooves MIDI drum pack is bursting with grooves and fills inspired by decades of trailblazing drummers. The pack takes vintage grooves and gives them the shine of modern day knowhow and flair. A broad collection of beats with one thing at their heart... groove!
Modern Funk EZkeys MIDI Pack
What would a fat and funky groove be without a glossy harmonic layer on the top? From stacatto hits on the keys to smooth and glossy harmonic layers, this EZkeys pack takes what you know from classic Funk and places it firmly into today with slick harmonies, clever rhythms and catchy grooves.