New Update: Audiority announce new GrainSpace V2 update

New Update: Audiority announce new GrainSpace V2 update

There are a vast array of different reverbs available for producers to choose from, but few cut through the mix like Audiority's GrainSpace Granular Reverb Processor. It's focus on real-time granularisation and reverberation of the incoming audio signal is unmatched at it's price range, and it's just got a whole letter better with the release of a version 2 update.

Don't believe us? Here's what the press had to say:

"One of the most intuitive granular effects we've seen to date." - Computer Music

"For a good long while, we’ve been on the prowl for a simple (and affordable) real-time granular processor that offers a considerable amount of control over the grain stream. GrainSpace seems to fit the bill!- Bedroom Producers Blog

Here are all the changes you can expect to find in the version 2 update:

  • NEW: Reworked graphic interface
  • NEW: Grain Filters
  • NEW: HQ interpolation (switch on toolbar)
  • NEW: More modulations
  • NEW: Chord Resonator
  • NEW: Resizable GUI 

This update is free to all existing Audiority GrainSpace users. Not an existing user? Buy now and save 36%!

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