NEW UPDATE - Zero-G release Epica Redux

NEW UPDATE - Zero-G release Epica Redux

The hugely successful Zero-G EPICA has received an update! EPICA Redux delivers an all-new Kontakt GUI and the same warm, rich and full sounds that fit straight into and elevate your projects. 

Formerly designed for the Kontakt Player, new EPICA Redux now runs in the full version of Kontakt with a stunning interface that gives you amazing sound-shaping capabilities.

Epica Redux's samples have all been recorded through an equipment chain of 100% boutique hardware with no plug-ins used in the creation of the source sounds. 

Over 17,000 24bit samples have been hand-edited, looped and multi-layered to produce an unsurpassed richness and authenticity of sound that will have your audience gasping in appreciation.

The result is a fresh palette of sounds that are rich in timbre and have their own character, you'll really able to set your music apart from the masses straight 'out of the box'.


Do you own the original Epica? You can upgrade to Epica Redux for free - just use code EPICARDX when you checkout. If you own Epica but didn't buy it from Time+Space please email with proof of purchase.