NEW UPGRADE: Overloud TH-U 1.2 is here, upgrade for FREE today!

NEW UPGRADE: Overloud TH-U 1.2 is here, upgrade for FREE today!

Overloud TH-U v1.2 is out now! New features are available as a free upgrade for all registered users of any version of Overloud's TH-U, including Editions!

What's new:

  • Remastered Cabinets: a modernized tone for all the stock cabinets
  • Redesigned License Panel: authorize all the Rig Libraries with 1 click

Remastered Cabinets

As mixing tastes are changing, sound engineers are demanding more for guitar sounds with more presence and in-your-face tones. That's why in version 1.2 Overloud have decided to remaster all the TH-U cabinets. This means you can now choose between the original tone and the remastered one. Only the stock cabinets have been remastered; the cabinets in the Rig Libraries are unaffected.

Redesigned License Panel

As the number of Rig Libraries is growing, we realized that a more streamlined authorization procedure is needed. That's why we redesigned the License panel: now TH-U can automatically download and authorize all your rig libraries with just one click!

It's simple all you need to do is; 

  1. Get the upgrade installers by clicking on the button below
  2. Run the downloaded installer
  3. There is no need to authorize the plugin again.