NEW Ventus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes

NEW Ventus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes

When writing music that strays outside of the realms of the traditional Western scope of instruments and musicianship it is so important to capture an air of authenticity with every note. 

We´re unsurprised to see Impact Soundworks go above and beyond the call of duty when tasked with delivering hyper-realistic, beautifully played, prepared, and packaged Kontakt Files for their recent release: Ventus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes

The powerful voice of the Toyo is paired with the stunningly versatile Romanian Nai, which brings a beautiful breathy tone to any score. From ambient soundtracks to dynamic and exciting performances, these pan flutes can effortlessly evoke nature, wind, sky and sea.

Utilising the developer's Total Articulation Control Technology, 15+ playing techniques for both the Toyo bass plan flute, and Nai pan flute respectively, and over 650 pre-recorded phrases, you will experience what it truly means to have a world-class performance within your music. 

When you buy Venus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes you'll also receive Furia Staccato Strings and Mega Brass for free!

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