NEW Vir2 Instruments 'Sticks' - an entirely unique percussion tool

NEW Vir2 Instruments 'Sticks' - an entirely unique percussion tool

Looking for percussion sounds that break the norm?

Following on from the success of the first instalment of their Vital Series ´Mallets´, Vir2 Instruments has released ´Sticks´, a unique, expansive collection of different stick types played on "found" objects.

Developed for the free Kontakt Player, you can choose from a bounty of interesting combinations including a steel brush played on a cardboard box, a timpani mallet played on an old wooden drawer, and a bamboo Cajon stick played on an 8-foot long piece of sheet metal.

In total, there are 80 different combinations of sticks and objects to fill a large variety of different musical styles and settings plus all instruments are in one patch for easy and creative layering.

Vital Series: Sticks is available now with a 25% introductory discount until 31st January. Check out the trailer below or head to the product page here.