NOW AVAILABLE: Download EastWest Diamond products today!

NOW AVAILABLE: Download EastWest Diamond products today!

Formerly only available to buy on a hard drive due to their enormous size, we are pleased to announce that Diamond and Platinum versions of EastWest virtual instruments are now available to download!

These products include: 

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra - Award-winning virtual instrument unleashing the full symphonic weight of Hollywood orchestral sound with unparalleled realism.

EastWest Hollywood Strings - Mighty virtual instrument giving you the quintessential richness and glamour of Hollywood strings at your fingertips.

EastWest Hollywood Brass - Virtual instrument capturing the great variety of sounds and Hollywood magic in a modern brass orchestra.

EastWest Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds - Powerful virtual instrument offering one of the most detailed collections of orchestral woodwind instruments ever assembled.

EastWest Hollywood Orchestral Percussion - Unique virtual instrument opening up an epic arsenal of orchestral percussion with astounding detail and authenticity.

EastWest Hollywood Orchestra - The Full Hollywood Orchestra virtual instrument covering all sections with unprecedented swagger and authenticity. 

EastWest Hollywood Orchestra + Solo Instruments - An ultimate collection of one the finest orchestral arsenals magnificently unleashing the 'Hollywood Sound'.