New Release - New Sonic Arts Nuance 2 - The Creative Sampler

New Release - New Sonic Arts Nuance 2 - The Creative Sampler

New Sonic Arts has just released an update to their spectacular sampler, Nuance. 

Nuance 2 comes as a clean, CPU friendly, sampler with a fast workflow and no excess. Nuance 2 boasts a powerful Map Editor and unlimited Parameter Groups, offering all of the tools necessary to create high-fidelity multi-instruments, key split setups and rich layered sounds.

Kits can be quickly constructed via drag and drop in the Pad View, and with multiple layers per-pad, its easy to sculpt floor-shaking kicks and mix-piercing snares.

The heart of Nuance 2 is a 128 voice 32bit true-stereo playback engine. Despite the power under the hood it's fully SSE optimised for a small storage footprint and lighting fast response/loading times WHILST also being super CPU friendly.

The full capabilities of Nuance 2 can be checked out here, but for now let's take a look at the new features of this latest version which include...

  • Enhanced modulation including additional envelopes and LFOs
  • New XY Pad and Step Sequencers
  • Modulation drap-and-drop

Plus workflow enhancements that allow you to...

  • Batch edit multiple groups
  • Assign shortcuts
  • Dial in precise values, collate samples, and export to SFZ
  • Drag files to Finder/Explorer and direct to your DAW
  • All new User Samples Database – batch tag your samples, filter by tags and text-search, preview and hot-swap.
  • Cycle Groups for round robin
  • Add additional FX - Chorus and FM

 and more! 

Buy New Sonic Arts Nuance 2 now and we'll also send you 1GB of Zero-G samples for free!

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