Presonus arrives at Time+Space with the release of Studio One 4

Presonus arrives at Time+Space with the release of Studio One 4

Three years after the release of Studio One 3, PreSonus are bringing their A-game once again with a spectacularly powerful and richly featured new update to their Digital Audio Workstation - Studio One 4.

Studio One contains everything you’d expect from a modern digital audio powerhouse and once you touch its fast, flow-oriented, drag-and-drop interface, you’ll realise Studio One was built by creative people for creative music production.

At every step of the musical process, you’ll spend your time creating music instead of fighting a bloated interface. And the sound quality? Well, simply put, it’s unparalleled. In fact, the most common comments from musicians, producers and engineers who have switched to Studio One are “I can just get things done faster” and “Studio One just sounds better.”

Many of the newest features in Version 4 are from direct feedback from musicians and DAW users...

A few of the highlights include complete integration with Notion (a great bit of scoring software), onboard analog console emulations straight on your mixer, and multi-touch support for touch screen computers. Additional notable new features include:

  • Chord Track
  • Impact XT & SampleOne XT - new and powerful virtual instruments
  • Multi-Instrument & Extended FX chains
  • Mix Engine FX & Console Shaper
  • Integrated Melodyne Essentials

and much more!

Plus, did you know you can also load your existing Kontakt Files titles into Studio One 4 Professional too?!

You may ask, why would I change to Studio One 4 from my current DAW? 

Your workflow is going to increase tenfold with the new options you’ll have open to you. VCA Faders that will act as group faders for any number of tracks, integrated Melodyne Essentials 4, and the extended mix chains will add to your creativity and options.

Not only that, you won’t even need to learn a new set of key-commands. Pro-Tools, Cubase, Sonar and Logic key-command templates are all available to you, and with upgraded AAF support you can transfer all of your current projects easily. Check out our blog post here for more reasons why you might want to make the change.

Click here to view the Presonus Studio One 4 Crossgrade