Presonus release Studio One 5.2 update

Presonus release Studio One 5.2 update

Presonus has just released a new update – Studio One 5.2 is here!

Presonus Studio One 5 is so much more than a DAW delivering whole new ways to play, produce, edit and perform our music.

The standard for end-to-end production, only Studio One 5 seamlessly moves with you from initial inspiration to full production, final mix to mastered album, digital release to live production… and lets you truly create without boundaries.

The reviews from the press have been full of praise and our customers have awarded it 5 stars all round...

"It is the most easiest and straightforward DAW to use, that gets you playing and recording in seconds. I highly recommend for anyone considering a DAW, this is the DAW of DAWs!" - Krishan V (T+S customer).

Studio One 5.2 is here!

Now, Presonus has announced the release of Studio One 5.2 – a significant update with an abundance of new features for you to dig into!

New in Version 5.2:

  • NEW!! Arrange live on the Show Page. Experiment on the fly while you're on stage or live streaming from your studio using the new Arranger Track. Click any other section on the Arranger View to cue this section as the next section to play seamlessly—without missing a beat… while performing!

  • NEW!! Studio One Remote for your Show. Studio One Remote now lets you use your tablet as a master controller for your live performance! Multiple devices can connect to the same computer running Studio One, so each player can control their own patches right from their mobile device.

  • NEW!! Sound Variations. The next level in articulation support, Sound Variations make it easy to manage articulations for complex orchestral libraries with dynamic mapping for Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Player products, UJAM instruments, and more.

  • NEW!! Tablature. A set of extensive Tablature tools has also been added to the Score View, allowing you to compose directly into Studio One using tablature, or instantly create tab printouts for your songs!

  • NEW!! Drum Notation. Drum Notation can now be created in the Score View using a new drum map interface that lets you add both the drum and note name to a corresponding notated pitch. New symbols in the Score Editor allow open/closed/half-open techniques to be added as well

  • NEW!! Access to PreSonus Sphere Workspaces. PreSonus Sphere’s streamlined, efficient workspaces make collaborating on projects and getting feedback on your mixes faster and easier than ever. PreSonus Sphere Workspaces are now available directly from the Studio One Browser so transferring files between Studio One and PreSonus Sphere is as easy as dragging any item from the Arrangement or Browser to a folder inside a Workspace.

  • NEW!! Live Arranging on the Song Page. The Arranger Track lets you try arrangements on the fly before committing to a new playback order. Simply double-click an Arranger Section while another section is playing and Studio One will seamlessly transition from one section to another—without skipping a beat!

And so much more! 

It's never been a better time to upgrade from your current version of Studio One or crossgrade from your existing DAW - do it via Time+Space and we'll add 2000 bonus Loyalty Points to your account worth £10!