ProjectSAM announce major update to Symphobia

ProjectSAM announce major update to Symphobia

ProjectSAM has released major free updates to its Symphobia line of tools.

The updates include over 16 new features, including improved control over articulation switching, articulation locking and round robin.

Symphobia 1 is a huge 9GB update that also offers a brand new sul tasto string section, meanwhile, Symphobia 2´s 3GB update offers a hair-raising set of brand new string section effects, dubbed the Ghostly Strings.

An update to Lumina is due to follow very shortly.

Full new v1.6 feature list:

  • New content
  • New Multis
  • Articulation selection slider
  • Mic output routing
  • Speed Control more widely available
  • Ability to lock selected articulations
  • Ability to lock and/or stack round robins
  • Ability to set release trigger length
  • Ability to enable/disable sustain pedal
  • Articulation names on Komplete Kontrol
  • Velocity knob now controls velocity offset
  • Searchable single articulation snapshots
  • On-screen info for all controls in Kontakt
  • Refreshed UI design
  • Backwards compatible with v1.51 (for existing projects)