ProjectSAM Pandora Core released!

ProjectSAM Pandora Core released!

Last November, ProjectSAM released S4 Pandora - the fourth instalment in the hugely popular Symphobia series of cinematic orchestral virtual instruments which was received with great acclaim... 

"Pandora does a fantastic job of covering almost any base that someone composing for action, horror or sci fi might need. All the touchstones are there in terms of hits, rises, swells, sequences, tones and textures. The addition of Adaptive Sync means that tempo matching is no longer really an issue, and you’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without it." - ASKAUDIO

And now ProjectSAM has just released Pandora Core which delivers all of S4Pandora’s unique, time-saving technology with an essential selection of instruments in one, cinematic mic set.


Pandora Core key features...

  • All of Pandora’s unique, time-saving technology
  • Effortlessly sync risers, rolls & crescendos to your sequence with Adaptive Sync
  • Over 17 GB of orchestral ensemble recordings covering strings, brass, woodwinds & percussion
  • Generate thrilling scores with powerful, fully customizable sound design tools
  • Essential selection of instruments in 1 mic set
S4Pandora S4Pandora Core
Adaptive Sync
Sound Design Mode
Full Functionality
Instruments 144 48
Combos 20 10
Snapshots 275 114
Mixed Mics 1 1
Individual Mic Channels 4
Library Size* 70 GB 8.8 GB