Rob Papen releases RP-Verb 2 with brand new creative tools

Rob Papen releases RP-Verb 2 with brand new creative tools

Rob Papen has released RP-Verb 2 - the follow up to the company´s popular RP-Verb effects plugin that pushes the boundaries of reverb even further with several new tools and hundreds of presets that promise to boost your creativity.

One of the most exciting additions to RP-Verb 2 is the new Reverse Mode which allows you to reverse the reverb sound in a very creative way. It can be tempo based and controlled easily - awesome for creating some unique fresh sounds. From vocals to drums… loops… you name it, the Reverse Mode is fantastic on any type of sound.

RP-Verb´s unique reverb ´Spaces´ have had an overhaul and you can give an extra bite to the room sound with the ´pre-reverb´ Distortion – not just excellent for drum and percussion sounds, this feature also works great on vocals, creating a more edgy sound before the reverb itself is applied.

RP-Verb 2 also features an ‘Envelope Follower’ for gated reverb sounds. Uniquely, the Envelope Follower can control other parameters of RP-VERB 2 at the same time, for instance, changing the Reverb length.

Check out the video below for a complete overview of RP-Verb 2´s features...

RP-Verb 2 is available to download now for £119 / 149 Euros Click here for details

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