Rob Papen updates Punch 2 and Quad synth plugins

Rob Papen updates Punch 2 and Quad synth plugins

Rob Papen has announced free updates to two of his most recently released virtual synths – Punch 2 and Quad.

Quad, which was released at the end of April, is powered by its vast modulation possibilities, two flexible oscillators and hundreds of professionally designed presets, delivering a huge array of sonic possibilities.

The new update adds Native Instruments NKS support, over 80 new presets, and as you can see in the image below, it now also includes a ‘waveform’ display in the XY fields. 

The number of slots has also been increased to 16 in the Modulation matrix providing you with double the parameter routing options for your sounds.



Rob Papen Quad updated GUI


Rob Papen Punch 2 colour pads

Meanwhile, the multi award winning Punch 2 which combines sampled and synthesized drums in a high quality percussive instrument, now offers the option of customisable colour pads, as well as fresh new presets.

Check out the video below to see how to work with the new colour pads.


Both updates are available for free for existing users by logging into your account at