Sonuscore arrives at Time+Space!

Sonuscore arrives at Time+Space!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Kontakt sample libraries from the orchestral masterminds behind 'The Orchestra' – welcome Sonuscore to Time+Space!

Lyrical Vocal Phrases –  A new kind of vocal solo instrument designed for cinematic soundtracks. Pressing a single key on your keyboard articulates a crystal-clear and celestial vocal phrase with unprecedented quality and expression.

Lyrical Cello Phrases – What would your compositions be like if you could have a world-class cellist with you, live whenever and wherever you were making music? Experience this feeling with Lyrical Cello Phrases and give yourself the gift of a great tool to take your workflow, your productivity and creativity to the very next level.

Origins Vol.1: Steel Tongue & Sansula – Two unique instruments combined in the powerful Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD) meld into rich and diverse sonic landscapes. With a vast set of inspiring presets and easy customisation, the Sonuscore Origins Series provides extensive possibilities for creative scoring.

Origins Vol.2: Music Box & Plucked Piano - An incomparable Music Box combined with the sinister Plucked Piano. Play the instruments individually or unleash the true power of ORIGINS with an interplay of both instruments with the powerful Multi-Arpeggio Designer that lets you get the highest quality, creative results in the fastest time possible.

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