Sound Dust release ODDular for Kontakt

Sound Dust release ODDular for Kontakt

Sound Dust, the brainchild of composer Pendle Poucher, never fails to produce sample instruments for Kontakt that are not only totally unique in their concept but also in the sounds that can be created from them - truly inspiring!

Sound Dust ODDular is no different. Described as "a beautiful throb monster, a one of a kind modulation leviathan", ODDUlar is a hybrid sample instrument based around 3 specially coded beat synced super LFOs, a complex but very simple to use modulation matrix and an innovative user interface.

ODDular borrows some of the more useful concepts of modular synthesis to create otherworldly and impossible sounds that are actually musically useful and don’t require a complex nest of cables to produce.

Check out the video below for more details or head over to the product page now where you can take advantage of the 20% intro price until 12th July.

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