Strezov Sampling Releases - Vibe: Instant Drumkit

Strezov Sampling Releases - Vibe: Instant Drumkit

Strezov Sampling has been creating amazing sample banks since its founding in 2012. Especially known for their unrivalled virtual choirs, Strezov Sampling aim to deliver the best-sampled libraries that technology can achieve.

New Vibe Instant Drumkit is absolutely no exception to the rule and puts the expertise of Michael Schack at your disposal. Recorded in a large hall, Vibe delivers a huge collection of 145 performances and one-shots in an amazing ambient space, the performances were recorded in 13 "genres" in multiple variations (called 'vibes').

Part of what gives Vibe it´s phenomenal X3M Percussion Engine. The keyboard range is divided into zones that you are able to assign different sounds to. Vibe uses this concept to allow flexible groove mapping across the keyboard range and lets you build your own instrument the way you like it!

The best part of Vibe for drum aficionados (and recording engineers) is that each patch has a variety of effects and mic positions, meaning that you can process and record your kits, without using extra resources on third-party plugins. You can also get creative with your mixes as you can set the active microphones and volumes in the native mixing panel inside Kontakt!

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