The Orchestra - New from Best Service

The Orchestra - New from Best Service

Best Service have just released a new Kontakt Library that focuses on putting you in the driving seat of the performance, rather than the studio seat of tweaking MIDI parameters when it comes to orchestral soundbanks. 

The Orchestra is not a normal instrument library, nor was it ever built to be. A deceptively simple front page with a fantastically powerful engine backing it up, The Orchestra is perfect for the ‘bigger picture’ style of composition and performance.

Focusing on the part instead of the ‘player’, the inbuilt rhythm/arpeggiator and envelope tabs let you develop and perform complex textures and rhythms in multiple parts over multiple instruments with only a single key press. 

With almost 7GB of rich and detailed samples, The Orchestra will be a highly useful tool for performers and composers looking for the instant gratification of a professional Hollywood orchestra.

The Orchestra is available now click here for details