Time+Space nominations in this year's Sound On Sound awards!

Time+Space nominations in this year's Sound On Sound awards!

The nominees for the annual Sound On Sound awards have been announced and we’re absolutely delighted to say that there are a whopping 8 nominations for Time+Space brands in the category of Software Instrument!

Voting takes place here until 30th November 2020. In the meantime, here are the Time+Space software stars featured in the nominee line-up including three from Toontrack!

Toontrack EZbass

EZbass is the first bass virtual instrument of its kind with a pristine sound and fundamental features for effortlessly adding bass guitar to your songs. In short, buy EZbass and you'll be making killer bass guitar tracks in seconds!

Toontrack EZbass was designed with the same ease of use as its EZ Line siblings EZdrummerEZkeys and EZmix. EZbass will lend you unlimited creativity in terms of arranging, composing, changing and rearranging bass parts to fit your songs. In essence, EZbass gives you a bass player at your beck and call – 24/7.

Sound on Sound said: "I did a complete double take when I saw just where Toontrack had pitched this product; it is an absolute no-brainer bargain. Toontrack have completely knocked it out the park with EZbass. It is brilliant and will sell by the bucketload."

VSL Big Bang Orchestra

VSL's Big Bang Orchestra series is an excellent entry into the world of Vienna Symphonic Library instruments. Create large orchestrations in no time. Beef up your existing tracks by adding some massive tutti layers. Inject some inspiration into your composing process just by pressing a few notes and letting the huge sound work its magic.

Sound on Sound said "Vienna Big Bang Orchestra pushes the boat out with a massive 70-piece orchestra, a choir and six percussionists letting rip in a series of themed libraries. [...]. Practical and affordable for beginners, BBO also has plenty to offer pro users."

EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers

Imagine having three top vocalists in your studio, singing the lyrics you've written into vintage tube microphones and recorded through a classic Trident "A" Range console. With new EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers vocal virtual instrument you can have just that!

 Sound on Sound said: "For creating polished contemporary female backing vocal performances, Hollywood Backup Singers is a very creditable alternative to the real thing. WordBuilder technology is particularly impressive."

Toontrack SDX: The Rooms of Hansa

Rooms of Hansa SDX from Toontrack features drums that have been expertly produced by Grammy Award-winning recording/mixing engineer Michael Ilbert in one of the most iconic studios in the world: the Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany. With a broad and handpicked collection of drums captured in all four rooms on the studio premises, this SDX showcases an outstanding width in regard to both tonal range and ambience.

Sound on Sound said: "This is hugely impressive stuff and, for existing SD3 owners, very competitively priced considering just what is on offer."

Best Service The Orchestra Complete V2

The Orchestra Complete 2 is the flagship of the "The Orchestra" product family which combines the force of the original 80-piece orchestra with additional articulations and powerful features. It now includes not only "Strings Of Winter" but also "Horns Of Hell".

In this revolutionary all-in-one package, the sound of a symphonic orchestra is at your fingertips. With the groundbreaking ensemble-engine, they've created a super-easy way for you to convert your ideas into music.

Ujam Beatmaker 2

Beatmaker plug-ins each have hundreds of rhythmical phrases in over fifty musical styles for you to choose from, with the ability to create your own unique hits, patterns and grooves with real-time input from your MIDI controller. Optimized for live arrangement and mixing, Beatmaker plug-ins take advantage of ujam signature 'simple yet powerful' macro controls, allowing for dynamic and tonal tweaking on the fly. 

The Beatmaker series of plug-ins cover the most exciting sub-genres of today’s music charts: VICE relives the 80s with Synthwave beats, VOID is for highly syncopated DnB beats, EDEN is tailored to EDM, Big Room and Rave, HUSTLE is for dirty & gritty Trap and Grime and DOPE is aimed at Boombap and Hip Hop.

Sound on Sound said "supremely easy to work with, providing a means of generating very strong electronic drum parts with a minimum of fuss."

Toontrack SDX: Orchestral Percussion

Captured in the same room, with the same scrutiny for detail and the same 11.1 microphone positioning philosophy as the Superior Drummer 3 core library, the Orchestral Percussion SDX is not just the perfect complement to the Superior line of sounds, it’s a revelation in terms of flexibility and playability within the Superior Drummer 3 framework.

Given the range and sheer volume of content, the Orchestral Percussion SDX comes configured as a factory bundle of two separate SDX libraries, both available directly upon installation from the drop-down menu in Superior Drummer 3. 

Sound on Sound said "It sounds absolutely great, and has to be rated among the best percussion collections currently on the market."

Red Room Audio Palette Series

Red Room Audio's Palette is a series of thematic professional orchestral and cinematic Kontakt virtual instruments for songwriters and media composers. It was recorded in a dedicated hall with world-renowned performers by a passionate and experienced team of sample makers. 

There’s an awful lot of content, so to make things more accessible Red Room Audio divided it into multiple products.

Sound on Sound said... "The four libraries are supremely well organised, perfectly integrated and intelligently presented, and the playing is of an exceptionally high standard. A work of art indeed.