Time+Space NAMM 2019 News & Offers

Time+Space NAMM 2019 News & Offers

It’s that time of year again, where music fans and software developers from across the globe all flock to California for one of the worlds largest music trade shows in the world. That's right; we're talking about NAMM 2019.

Each year there are plenty of new product announcements and updates, as well as deals and offers on music software, sample packs, software instruments, and hardware.

Here's a preview at what you might be able to expect from some of our top developers at this year's show:


It's been a while since we've seen a new Garritan release, but that hasn't affected the popularity of their titles in the slightest! Many still turn to Garritan's range of software when they're on the lookout for high-quality plugins at an affordable price. Could this year be the year where we see the next instalment in the award-winning 'Personal Orchestra' series, possibly in the form of Personal Orchestra 6? 


EastWest's clientele spans the who's who of the music, film, television, games, multimedia and performing arts, with the likes of Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, Herbie Hancock, James Newton Howard and countless other leading composers using and endorsing the products. That's why many were delighted to hear that to celebrate the start of NAMM 2019 they're offering 50% off the vast majority of their orchestral titles. This includes recent releases like Hollywood Choirs, and Voices of the Empire.

*Offer excludes Voices of Soul and Spaces II 

Update: EastWest have announced the upcoming releases of Hollywood Pop Brass & Voices of Opera! Click here for more info.

EastWest NAMM Special Offer

Best Service

Last year's show saw Best Service announce 'Emotional Violin' which followed in the footsteps of it's predecessor 'Emotional Cello' and became a hit with fans. Could we see a new addition to EastWest's emotional series of tools, possibly in the form of an 'Emotional Winds' instruments?  


Last year's show saw the debut of 'Analog Brass and Winds', the follow up to their successful 'Analog Strings' title. Since then we've only had the release of two expansion packs to satisfy various fan's cravings for more. One for the aforementioned 'Analog Brass and Winds', and the other for their 'Substance' bass instrument. We're sure many people will be desperate to see another new release from one of the hottest software developers in the game right now.


Last year Spectrasonics fans were greeted with the news that Spectrasonics were bringing out standalone versions of all 4 of their main titles. This was available in the form of a free update to all existing users and greatly benefited musicians and performers who used Spectrasonics software in their live setup. This year they have been teasing fans on social media with various hints that there will be a big Spectrasonics announcement at this year's show. Could it be an update to their award-winning Stylus RMX sampler? We'll have to wait and see...

UPDATE: Spectrasonics have announced Omnisphere 2.6! Click here for more info.

Spectrasonics NAMM 2019


iZotope never seem to fail to get into the 'NAMM spirit' and this year is certainly no different. They have already announced that existing iZotope users can save up to 62% on crossgrades to their top mixing and mastering software, and everyone can save up to 40% on the iZotope Creative Suite. Will we see an update to an existing piece of classic iZotope software? Maybe even a StutterEdit or Iris 3!


As is the case with Garritan, it's been a while since we've seen a new addition to Synthogy's Ivory II range of breathtaking virtual pianos. We do not doubt that many will have their fingers crossed that NAMM 2019 will bring news of a new addition to the Synthogy family, and they wouldn't be unreasonable in doing so. If not a new piano, then maybe an update to their Ivory II engine? 


Last year many were treated to a sneak peek at VSL's new Synchron engine, and they weren't left disappointed. It's no wonder then that the feedback on VSL's latest titles has been so positive! With a whole host of new releases since last year's show, we'd be surprised if VSL had anything up their sleeves to present at NAMM, although stranger things have happened!

VSL Vienna Synchron Player


With so many expansion packs available for their range of virtual instruments, it's easy to see why so many people choose AAS plugins when they are on the lookout to upgrade their setup. That combined with the unique timbre and sounds that these virtual instruments produce is a recipe for plugin perfection. That's why many will be hoping for a new addition to the AAS family, although with how versatile their existing plugins are, it will be interesting to see what type of virtual instrument they choose to release if any. 

Nugen Audio

NUGEN Audio provides award-winning professional audio plugins and software for post-production, broadcast, music and sound design. The extreme ease-of-use and high-quality results their plugins offer have led to them becoming a staple in the studios of some of the world's top post-production professionals. To celebrate the start of NAMM 2019 they're offering a 40% on discount their SigMod title which makes custom signal architecture a breeze.

Native Instruments

Native instruments have sent fans into a frenzy by announcing the upcoming release of two new series of hardware! Building on the success of the S-Series and A-Series keyboards, the M32 keyboard brings full NKS control, Smart Play, and other helpful features into the smallest, most portable, most affordable keyboard controller they’ve ever made. As well as this are two new audio interfaces: KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and 2. They offer an easy way to capture vocals, instruments, and just about anything else in two channels of pristine audio.

Click here for more information


TH3 from Overloud has long reigned supreme as the king of all guitar effect plugins, but now it is time for TH3 to pass the crown on to its successor. At NAMM Overloud debuted their upcoming release 'TH-U' which comes with 239 models making it the new largest virtual collection of guitar amps and effects. A record previously held by TH3! And if TH3 is anything to go by we're sure that TH-U will become one of the top new plugins of 2019.  

We will constantly be updating this page with all of the latest NAMM news and special offers, so make sure you keep coming back to stay updated!