Toontrack announce the upcoming release of four new titles!

Toontrack announce the upcoming release of four new titles!

It seems like things have been pretty action packed at Toontrack HQ recently...

When it comes to movies, music is more than just chords and melodies lingering in the background. They play almost as much of an im portant part to the storytelling as the pictures on screen. One of the main genres where this rings true is Action. If you were take the score away from some of the biggest blockbuster movies of recent times they wouldn't be anywhere near as gripping.

To celebrate the part music has to play in the storytelling process of the silver screen, Toontrack are ensuring that September is filled with as many action-packed releases as possible.

You can look forward to a new EZX, a new EZkeys, and two new midi packs. 

Here's when you can expect these titles to arrive at Time+Space:

  • Toontrack Action! EZX - September 11th
  • Toontrack Action Drums MIDI Pack - September 11th
  • Toontrack Movie Scores Action MIDI Pack - September 18th
  • Toontrack Action EZkeys Cinematic Grand - September 25th  

Stay tuned for more info!

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