Toontrack dedicate February to the sound of iconic UK Pop

Toontrack dedicate February to the sound of iconic UK Pop

No nation in the world has had a bigger impact on the sound and worldwide development of pop music than the UK – from The Beatles and the Rolling Stones right through to the likes of Adele, Coldplay, Florence and the Machine and 2017´s biggest artist Ed Sheeran.

This month, Toontrack are celebrating five decades of heritage and sound by taking their customers on a modern pop journey through the UK with new drum sounds, EZkeys MIDI and drum grooves.

One of these releases, due on 27th February, is the UK Pop EZX featuring drum tones inspired by nearly six decades of pop mastery, recorded at RAK Studios in London by two of UK’s most sought-after professionals. Past, present and now – all rolled up for use in your future productions.


  • Mix-ready drum sounds inspired by classic and modern UK pop music
  • Recorded at RAK Studios by drummer Ash Soan (Adele, James Morrison, Ronan Keating)
  • Engineered by Mark Taylor (Rod Stewart, Cher, Daniel Bedingfield)
  • Four full kits and extra snare/cymbal selections
  • Sticks, mallets, regular and towel-damped samples available for select kits
  • Claps and stomps
  • Seven mix-ready presets, each with a distinct sound
  • A selection of MIDI grooves for each preset, performed by Ash Soan


Toontrack UK Pop Grooves


UK POP GROOVES - A new drum MIDI pack performed by Ash Soan.

Having played with some of the most noted artists in modern pop history, performed on best-selling records like Adele’s “21”, recorded 52 Top 20 albums (Adele, Robbie Williams, Cher, Ronan Keating and James Morrison), Ash Soan has been the session drummer in the lens view of British pop for the past few decades. Arriving 20th February.



UK Pop EZkeys MIDI

UK POP EZKEYS MIDI - Classy, timeless pop with a modern twist and that unmistakable UK pop feel.

The modern British pop wonder is more than a fact, it’s a force in motion, unstoppably charging through the worldwide charts. Inspired by this wealth of music, the UK Pop EZkeys MIDI pack dives head first into the treasure chest of British pop to come up with new ideas that you can use to craft your tracks from. Arriving 20th February.