Toontrack release Eighties Pop EZkeys MIDI Pack

Toontrack release Eighties Pop EZkeys MIDI Pack

The eighties is more than a decade – it’s the soundtrack of a generation. It's a soundtrack packed full of straightforward pop, soaring power ballads, and synth-infused new wave.

Toontrack's new Eighties Pop EZkeys MIDI pack draws inspiration from decade-defining artists who all made immortal songs where the piano or the keyboard were the undisputed stars.

Think the whole gamut, from Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Phil Collins to A-ha, Prince and Michael Jackson. These are ideas to kickstart your own modern “best of the ’80s” batch of songs. The tools are at your fingertips – start writing!

Don't forget, until 31st May, when you buy an EZkeys piano or Sound Expansion, you'll get to choose an EZkeys MIDI pack for free!

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