Toontrack EZbass - the bass player and non-bassist verdicts....

Toontrack EZbass - the bass player and non-bassist verdicts....

Is Toontrack's new EZbass virtual instrument as useful for real-life bassists as it is for the non-bass players amongst us?

Here at Time+Space, our talented crew includes Jack Hale, a bassist for the band Haunt The Woods. He's been checking out EZbass along with Jamie in our Web Sales team – a musician who has never played bass in his life!

Here the two of them give their individual perspectives on the three most noteworthy features of EZbass... 


Jack Hale... (T+S Tech Support and Bass Player)  

Jack Hale, bassist1. Having access to the Low B string within EZbass is a lovely touch for me – I don't have a 5 string bass within my arsenal so being able to hit those low notes expands the uses of the product for me. 

2. The Audio to MIDI function has great tracking for bass lines – I can play a short bass line into EZbass and let the software do the rest for me. This is great as I can further manipulate the MIDI bass line to something I could never play on a bass in real life, which opens up a lot of creative abilities.

3. The grid editor is super easy to use when making bass lines, everything is laid out where it should be (for my personal preference) and you can make stunning bass lines within minutes of opening up the software.

Toontrack EZbass  

Jamie Farrington... (T+S Websales, musician and not a Bass Player) 

Jamie Farrington
    1. Tap2Find - This handy feature allows you to play in a short melody and it will suggest full, similar MIDI grooves based on what you play - perfect for anyone short on time needing a quick, reliable bass line.

    2. Chord Function - No need to worry about finding parts in the right key signature - you can use any groove you want, in any key, with as many chord changes as you like!

    3. Sound Quality - If you’re unsure on what makes a good bass sound, use the presets - no further processing is required, they sound amazing and release-ready straight out the box!

    The verdict?

    Whether you're a seasoned bass player or someone who has never handled a bass guitar in your life, it's clear that EZbass has a place in your set-up. Why not check out Jamie's video below for a walkthrough of EZbass from a non-bass player's perspective?