Toontrack EBX Classic Rock: Behind the Fender Precision Bass

Toontrack EBX Classic Rock: Behind the Fender Precision Bass

Since it's release in May, Toontrack's virtual bass guitar plugin EZbass has quickly gained huge popularity amongst composers, producers and musicians, as well as receiving fantastic reviews including a Music Tech 10/10 Excellence Award.

Now, Toontrack have announced the release of the first EZbass expansion library and the start of the EBX range... Classic Rock EBX; is an expansion totally dedicated to capturing the sound of one of the most iconic bass guitars in history, the Fender Precision Bass.

Magnus Melkersson, Toontrack EZbass' lead R&D technician says:

“When envisioning this EBX, we really couldn’t think of any contender to the Precision Bass. This bass is rock. The interesting thing about guitars though – and especially vintage ones – is that there are no duplicates. Literally, every instrument is unique. I have played bass for close to forty years and likely tried twice as many Precision Basses in the course. I must say that this specific example is definitely one of the best I have tried to date. It checks all the boxes."

Toontrack EBX Classic Rock

Referred to as 'the bass model that changed rock history', the Fender Precision Bass was first released in the early 1950s and has since changed the perception of the instrument and the role of the bass in music altogether. The Precision Bass is known for being consistently reliable in sound and build, and in its 70 years of existence it has had little modification to its design.

Today, there is a Precision bass model for every kind of player. There are budget-level Precisions that sound fantastic, feel great, take a beating and don’t break the bank. There are specialty Precisions with five strings and humbucking pickups.

There are boutique-ish high-end Precisions for more discerning players that look as great hanging above the mantelpiece as they do onstage. There are deliberately banged-up Precisions and pristine ones; period-correct vintage models and modern iterations. The Precision truly has all the basses covered, as indeed it will likely continue to do for a very long time to come. (words from

Among the masses of musicians who use the model, here are just a few bands who are known for using the Precision Bass:

  • The Beach Boys
  • Pink Floyd
  • The Who
  • Foo Fighters
  • Iron Maiden
  • The Ramones
  • Guns N' Roses

Watch the great clip below of Foo Fighters' bassist Nate Mendel explaining the legendary status around the Fender Precision Bass, or head to the Classic Rock EBX page via the button.