Toontrack Metal Month 2019 is Killing it for Toontrack Deals!

Toontrack Metal Month 2019 is Killing it for Toontrack Deals!

Toontrack Metal Month is underway once again, so in true Toontrack style, they’ve been whacking out monstrous deals left, right and centre. And they’re not just for fans of metal music. We’ve got unmissable deals on everything from Pop Punk to EZDrummer. So to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these deals over Toontrack Metal Month, here they all are in one place. 


Toontrack Expansion Deals

Those of you who’ve been waiting on a good deal to come along before choosing a Toontrack drummer expansion will be well rewarded. Running through until 31 Dec 2019 we’ve got big savings across Toontrack’s award winning expansions, including…

40% off selected SDX expansions for Superior Drummer

Cash-in and make huge savings on Decades SDX, The Rock Foundry SDX and the brand new Death & Darkness SDX. That’s huge savings on an insurmountable amount of drums with everything from big band to breakneck-speed death metal. These are SDX expansions  brought to you from world-class studios, designed by some of the most sought-after and respected sound engineers of our time.

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40% off EZX expansions for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer

If you’re looking for an EZX expansion here’s a deal you’ll want to take advantage of. Save 40% on pretty much most of the EZX expansions for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer. That includes, Big Band, Pop Punk, Custom Shop, Drums of Destruction, Action!, Hard Rock, UK Pop as well as new releases Death Metal EZX and Dark Matter EZX. Get yours here: EZdrummer and Superior Drummer EZX expansion deals.

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Free Expansions with selected Toontrack purchases 

Want to save yourself over fifty quid? Toontracks are giving away free expansions and packs, each worth £51.95, with selected purchases up until 31 Dec 2019. 

EZdrummer 2 free EZX expansion

EZdrummer 2 allows you to build the perfect drum tracks for any genre or style of music. It’s the essential virtual instrument for any musician who wants easy-to-use drum software without compromising on creativity. Right now, if you’re buying EZdrummer 2 we’ll throw in an EZX expansion of your choice, absolutely free.

EZkeys free sound expansion

The same goes for EZkeys piano. Up until the end of December you’ll get a free EZkeys Sound Expansion when you buy EZkeys piano. Songwriters will appreciate the intuitive functionality of EZkeys and the ease with which you can add creative layers of music to your compositions. It’s a powerful songwriting tool. The Sound Expansion allows you to expand your existing EZkeys sound library with any other EZkeys library for a reduced price.

Free EZmix pack with EZMix 2

Mix professional quality music efficiently and quickly with Toontrack’s EZmix 2. It’s a preset-powered, multi-effect mixing tool that allows you to add that final touch to your master with more than 300 professionally designed audio processing settings. Right now, you’ll get an EZmix pack of your choice absolutely free when you purchase EZmix 2.


Toontrack Metal Month Bundle Deals

We’ve got BIG savings on Toontrack bundles at the moment with deals available up until 31 Dec 2019. Get a load of these...

33% off EZdrummer 2 Bundles featuring EZdrummer and two EZXs

20% off the New York Studios SDX bundle

34% off EZkeys Essential Pianos and EZkeys Pianos Bundles


Toontrack Metal Month is just the start of some monstrous Toontrack deals. Watch this space for outrageously good Toontrack Black Friday deals coming up later this month. And if you want to be the first to find out about Black Friday deals, get yourselves on our mailing list!

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