Toontrack presents the unique Dream Pop EZX and new bundles

Toontrack presents the unique Dream Pop EZX and new bundles

Dream Pop is the latest EZX for use with Toontrack´s EZdrummer 2 software (also works with Superior Drummer), bringing a unique fusion of organic and electronic percussion that bridges the gap between nature and technology.

From the hybrid drum kit and the hex pad wall to the drum stool and the leafless plant, the Dream Pop GUI is brimming with 250 instruments featuring completely new hybrids and textured percussive foley. Wood meets metal, man battles machine and complex textures of modular synthesis clash with the crude, unfiltered tone of nature.

Whether you´re creating contemporary music or ethereal soundscapes, the Dream Pop EZX is one of the most unique EZdrummer expansion packs to date with unexpected inspiration simmering in every corner.

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The Dream Pop EZX is also included in these new great value bundles:

EZdrummer 2 Modern Pop Edn

EZdrummer 2 Modern Pop Edition
If you don´t already own EZdrummer and modern pop production is your style, this bundle is a great place to start. Featuring EZdrummer 2 plus the new Dream Pop EZX and the Number 1 Hits EZX, this is the perfect toolbox for modern songwriters and saves almost £40 compared to separate purchases.


Modern Pop EZX Value PackModern Pop EZX Value Pack - only available until 30th October!
Featuring three EZXs, this huge palette of acoustic drums, unique hybrid sounds and classic drum machines for modern pop drum production saves over £40! Requires EZdrummer 2.