Toontrack release Alt-Rock EZX and new drum MIDI pack

Toontrack release Alt-Rock EZX and new drum MIDI pack

Steve Albini's imprint on the sound of rock is undeniable having worked on seminal albums by the Pixies, PJ Harvey and, perhaps most notably, Nirvana’s milestone record “In Utero,”.

Toontrack has teamed up with Albini for their latest EZdrummer 2 expansion ´Alt-Rock EZX´ to present a crude, genuine and raw palette of drum sounds with an incredible range. This collection is perfect for the soft-loud-soft approach that is synonymous with the distinct dynamics of the classic alt-rock sound.

Featuring two full kits and cymbal set-ups plus additional snares, kicks, cymbals and percussion instruments, the Alt-Rock EZX also includes a selection of MIDI drum grooves inspired by alt-rock music.

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Also released today...

The Toontrack Alt-Rock Grooves MIDI pack presents a comprehensive collection of material based around basic and staple-type grooves but with a clear emphasis on detail, variation and dynamics. Works with EZdrummer and Superior Drummer. Click here for details