Toontrack release new EZMix presets 'Blues Guitars'

Toontrack release new EZMix presets 'Blues Guitars'

The Toontrack Blues Guitars EZmix Pack sets out to capture the essence of electric blues guitar from the raw and dirty tones of post-war 1950s USA, the British blues boom of the 1960s to the hi-gain clarity of today.

This collection for Toontrack´s EZmix 2 effects plug-in, has been carefully sculpted to emulate several classic amps, speakers and stomp boxes.

With six decades worth of source material and inspiration, this is arguably the most genuine source of blues guitar ever captured in digital form. All you need now is a riff. Get your guitar out!

Toontrack Blues Guitars EZmix Preset Pack is available to download now. Click here for full details

EZmix 2 is a multi-effect plug-in that lets you assign pro-designed audio processing effect chains to any audio source. A guitar amp, mixing engineer and mastering suite all in one convenient package. Click here for full details