Toontrack release new Sixties Pop Grooves MIDI pack

Toontrack release new Sixties Pop Grooves MIDI pack

When it comes to the drums the 60s was undoubtedly full of blurred lines. The world was caught in a period of cultural transition that gave birth to a new wave of creative musicians looking to rip up the rulebook. And rip it up they did. 

Pop and rock players like Mick Avory, Keith Moon, Levon Helm, Ringo Starr and others rewrote the role the drums used to have in a pop or rock song. 

The Sixties Pop Grooves drum MIDI pack takes off in the wake of this era and explores its seemingly infinite chest of treasures. Expect a cross-section of what pop was during this decade – and then some.

Here's what drummer Norman Garschke had to say about creating the Sixties Pop Grooves MIDI pack:

“For this collection, I wanted to hone in on mainly the pop side of the era. However, when diving into this endless well of inspiration, I realized it was impossible to not come out with something that ventured outside the continues a bit. In the end, blurring the lines between genres is what made pop drumming stand out and advance back then. I think we came up with a very diverse pack, true to what made the ’60s so great.”

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