NEW RELEASE: Toontrack Pop Punk EZX

NEW RELEASE: Toontrack Pop Punk EZX

Toontrack Music is a leading developer of music making software for songwriters and musicians as well as home to the world’s most successful drum samplers EZdrummer and Superior Drummer.

The Pop Punk EZX was recorded at the personal studio of John Feldmann, a producer/engineer/mixer who's had a monumental impact on the last couple of decades of popular music. 

It includes three full kids, all capturing that larger-than-life and all-American radio-friendly sound of the commercial and hook-driven pop punk music that has been a mainstay since acts like Blink-182, Simple Plan and Green Day broke onto the scene around the turn of the millennium.

"John is an absolute legend in regards to this genre. We are proud to bring you his drum sound, one that in many ways has shaped the genre of pop punk as we know it."

Make Your Punk Songs Pop! Drums by the man who in many ways defined the Genre!