NEW RELEASE: VSL Vienna Smart Spheres

NEW RELEASE: VSL Vienna Smart Spheres

For this exclusive product, the Vienna team went straight to their vast treasure trove of orchestral sounds. The core of Vienna Smart Spheres is entirely organic and acoustic, with all the liveliness and vibrancy that comes from live performance. The breath, bows and body movements of Vienna’s famed musicians shine throughout the range of each patch.

After Vienna’s sound design team experimented with their raw samples, it became clear that an acoustic instrument provides much more depth and interest than any artificially generated sound could produce.

Using the possibilities of Vienna’s new Synchron Player with its powerful integrated FX plug-ins and routing options, Vienna Smart Spheres offers a shimmering and impressive collection of sounds that will be useful in any musical environment, from film scores to the more experimental side of electronic music. 

With a 24% intro discount until 31st January!