Zynaptiq release revolutionary new approach to reverb with ADAPTIVERB

Zynaptiq release revolutionary new approach to reverb with ADAPTIVERB

Wouldn´t it be cool to have a reverb that automagically adapts to your sound and blends with perfection? A reverb that doesn´t clutter up your mix and push your sounds into the background. A reverb designed to sound beautiful and lush, rather than just realistic. A reverb that loves creating organic ambient sonic textures.

Introducing Adaptiverb –  a new type of reverb plugin from the sonic wizards at Zynaptiq...

Created with the typical creativity and out of the box thinking that Zynaptiq have become renowned for, Adaptiverb is powered by advanced artificial intelligence and is unlike traditional reflection-based acoustic room modelling because it adds perceived depth, harmonic richness, and butter-smooth tails without obscuring the source.

What´s more, its advanced synthesis, cross-filtering and reverb pitch processing functionality also provides exciting new creative options for making evolving drones, organic pads, lush ambient soundscapes, and more.

Key Features 

  • Bionic Sustain Resynthesis creates stunningly organic tails, eliminating noisy components from the input for clear, harmonic results free of graininess.
  • Harmonic Contour Filter (HCF) circuit for removing effect components not in tune with the input, a captured harmonic fingerprint, or a set of notes defined using an on-screen keyboard.
  • Filtering and pitch quantization based HCF Keyboard modes to conform the effect to a specific key.
  • HCF HOLD mode for creating cross-filtering effects.
  • Ray Tracing and Allpass based reverb engines.
  • Input FREEZE function for creating drones, pads or infinite reverb type sounds.
  • SIMPLIFY function that recreates the input’s harmonic content with a small amount of oscillators for additive synthesis type sounds — without the warbliness. 
  • RICHNESS parameter for adding octave, fifth or unison interval harmonics into the reverb.
  • Pre-Processing section including harmonic synthesis based AIR.
  • More than 400 presets covering a broad range of effects.
  • MIDI control of all key parameters.

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Hear Adaptiverb at work! This video is a version of the Adaptiverb trailer which alternates between the original soundtrack and the soundtrack without Adaptiverb processing, the difference is incredibly noticeable!