ENDS 18TH AUGUST - 40% off Cinesamples Winds Kontakt instruments

ENDS 18TH AUGUST - 40% off Cinesamples Winds Kontakt instruments

Cinesamples not only make excellent virtual instruments – it seems they're also experts at weather forecasts. Winds Week is here in more ways than one (in the UK at least!), so if you're sheltering inside why not take advantage of 40% off selected Cinesamples Wind instruments until Sunday!

The offer includes...

Hollywoodwinds - Orchestral Woodwind ensemble runs, phrases, and FX

CineWinds Core - next-generation orchestral woodwinds library covering the essentials of the orchestral woodwinds section and recorded at the MGM Stage.

CineWinds Pro - goes beyond the essentials to bring you exceptional instruments, such as the alto flute and contrabassoon, as well as a comprehensive selection of ethnic woodwind instruments.

CineWinds Monster Low Winds - a super beefy low woodwind ensemble of bassoons, contrabassoons, bass clarinets and contrabass clarinets.

Cinewinds Complete Bundle - Specially-priced bundle featuring CineWinds CORE, CineWinds PRO & CineWinds Monster Low Winds


Offer ends 18th August 2019